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Social Media- Architect Case Study

In my recent blog, Social Media Advertising, I spoke about how scary social media can be for some people. One of my clients was nervous of social media but embraced it and has seen the possibilities of how social media can grow your brand awareness as well as produce qualified leads. Read below for more details.

The client is an architectural design consultancy, specializing in the design of exclusive contemporary residences. In order to run a successful campaign, we undertook an audit of the client’s website and social media presence. Added to this we viewed other industry competitors and influencers, to see what was working for them. We used these ideas to improve my client’s social media platforms, content and website.

We used Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram analytics to understand the target audience. This was to ensure that we were targeting the correct audience and not wasting advertising spend on non-relevant consumers. After the audit was completed I met with the client, we made changes to the social media platforms and website and then started producing and posting content.

Once the social media platforms were enhanced it was time to do some advertising. The advertising campaign encompassed, Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Adverts. I monitored and measured each campaign closely to ensure that the campaigns were delivering. The outcome of the campaign was significant:

  • Facebook yielded 430 clicks on the advert at a cost of R 1,36 per click

  • Instagram delivered 154 clicks on the advert at a cost of R 3,68 per click

  • Google AdWords 97 clicks on the advert at a cost of R 5,58 per click

  • Twitter delivered 75 clicks on the advert at a cost of R 5,97 per click

The final result, 768 new visitors to the website over a 2-week period. We also grew our followers significantly across all social media platforms. Our total spend for the campaign was just over R 2 000 and the campaign came in at around R 2,90 per person who visited the website. The best part was getting 2 leads during the campaign and we are confident more will follow as its early days. The service my client offers is a big-ticket item, so if these two leads convert the campaign has paid for itself and more.

Going forward we will take the learnings from this campaign, use the platforms that delivered the best and grow the brand and generate leads. Now that 768 new people know about the clients brand, its key to engage with them on interesting content and hopefully more leads will follow.

Your business could benefit from social media too. Don't be scared we will guide you through this process. Contact Not Just Marketing and grow your business. Our specialty is small businesses and our service is affordable.

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