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Social Media Advertising

Social Media can be a scary thing to a lot of people. Guiding clients through this process is what I do. Some clients want to learn and take their social media forward. Others prefer that I handle everything and just update them.

My latest client had a small social media presence, I looked at all aspects including their website and advised how to tweak and add to their social media. The client allocated a budget to each social media platform and we launched the campaign over the weekend. The aim is to grow awareness and engagement with their brand and get new leads.

Because the client hadn’t done any promotions we decided to test out multiple social media platforms to see which performed the best. We included Google AdWords, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The results have been incredible in just a day and half. We spent just under a R1000 and received 128 new visitors to the website. We received engagement on our posts and increased followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What next you may ask…

We will continue monitoring and measuring the campaign over the next few days. We will be posting on the social media platforms to keep new followers engaged and hopefully with the content and the clients work speaking for itself, new clients will follow.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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